Zamparini: 'Offer to buy Palermo'

“It is a big difference between Serie A and Serie B, but what interests me is leaving Palermo to good people and this seems to be the case.

“Yesterday there was an important meeting with an emissary of someone ready to make an offer,&rdqu澳门外围投注o; Zamparini told the Giornale di Sicilia newspaper.

If Zamparini does walk away, the new owners 网上21点will likely have to raise Palermo up from Serie B, as they are currently in the bottom two六合投注网站 of the top flight.

“Someone is truly ready to step in, the situation is positive and I hope we can continue negotiating until we close the deal.

The patron has declared many times in recent years that he wants to sell the club and step down as President, but until now it remained only a theory.

“There’s no point stirring up a media frenzy at this moment, so it’s best I say nothing more. I will note that compared to the past I am more determined to pass on the baton.”

Maurizio Zamparini confirms he had “an important meeting” to sell Palermo yesterday. “Someone is truly ready to step in.”

“If we end up in Serie B it’d be the epilogue to a disastrous year, but would not compromise the deal. As things are now, it’d be a miracle to achieve Serie A safety.”